We are a team of confectionery lovers who would never hesitate to scour Singapore for the best and finest quality chocolates & candy out there.

We hope this space aids in encouraging two-way communication between us and the readers, who can also share with us their favourite shelf-staple brands, and their latest scoop.

Europe Candy Trip

With many of our favourite brands hailing from Europe, it has been our long-time wish to embark on a European road trip as a pilgrimage in our own right to uncover more products we love. However being physically still here in Singapore, the best we can do at the moment is to be psyched with the pre-trip planning. This series will bring readers on a flight of imagination, featuring products that they can try for a pre-taste of the unique quality contributed by each nation to the global sweet tooth.

Product Reviews

Being avid confectionery fans, it will be almost impossible for us to try something great and not share it with the world. This segment highlights products we have tried and raved about, providing a go-to reference platform for readers all over the world before they make their prized purchase decision. 


Like how computer game addicts stay tuned to the latest developments in the industry, confectionery fans like us would also love to keep ourselves updated with the freshest feeds that can enhance the consumption experience. However due to the current lack of one centralised platform for confectionery trends, we thought of starting it ourselves so as to fill this gap for anyone who is in need of the related information like we are.