A Jacket that Reveals Everything...

Coined the term "the food of gods", it comes as no surprise that many people across the globe are madly in love with the rich brown creamy substance called chocolate. Scientific researchers - doctors, nutritionists, food scientists, nurses and cardiologists—have also demonstrated that chocolate is good for your body, mind and soul.

But the point of this Buzz segment is not to drone on widely-known facts that many brands in the industry have been enlisting for their marketing efforts. Introducing to you the Joy Jacket created by Hirsch and Mann for Cadbury, essentially we are saying, there is now no avenue for you to hide your guilty chocolate pleasures -- come over to the dark side, we have chocolate. Literally.

Just how happy are we when we consume chocolate? The ‘Joy Jackets’ commissioned by Cadbury incorporates a detection sensor technology to create a external visual display and multi-sensory experience that expresses the extent of joy experienced by the wearer to different stimulus.

Let us watch it in action:

As seen in the video, different parts of the jacket lights up and moves according to the different levels of happiness experienced by the wearer. When he takes a bite of the chocolate towards the end, we witness how the gadget indicators on the jackets unfold to reveal the highest level of joyous reaction so far, which visualises the intangible hormonal and emotional changes experienced from eating chocolate, that scientific researchers and chocolate brands alike have been advocating ad nauseam.  

The Making the Jacket video, if anyone is interested:

We wonder where can we try on that jacket though...

Source: Hirsch&Mann, psfk